A weekly gathering
around ideas with heart.

The Weekly Service runs a weekly curated gathering on Saturday mornings (currently held in Thornbury) where people share stories, listen to music, pause for reflection and engage in conversation. The Weekly Service arose over a year and a half ago, out of a broad acknowledgement that at present ‘we’ are living through a time of significant change. The Weekly Service seeks to provide a space for dialogue and deeper discussion surrounding these significant shifts. To find out more about The Weekly Service watch this video or read about us here


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We're looking for passionate people to join our Thornbury family; people who want to be a part of creating a local thriving hub or what journalist George Monbiot refers to as a dense network. If you'd like to get a feel for membership, get in touch and have a coffee with Cam, Kirsty or Henry. We've put together this story booklet; our retreats feel a bit like this; and there's more info here.

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