Monthly Meals

We host monthly lunches and monthly dinners for our members. Food is one of, if not the best, facilitators of connection.

Members' lunches are a chance to catch up after the service and have a good yarn. Sometimes the storyteller comes along which makes for a very rich conversation. The lunches occur on the first Saturday of every month. When weather permits we have a potluck picnic, but when poor weather is forecast we head to a local restaurant or someone's house. Please note, with potlucks we bring our own food to the lunches to share and when we go to restaurants we cover the cost of their own meals.    

Members' dinners are themed evenings that focus on some of the topics that didn't make it into the season program. Hosted by a different member each month the potluck dinners are a chance to do a deep dive into fascinating topics whilst eating some delicious food.  Please note, with the potluck dinners we bring our own food to share with each other.